TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1243 790070 (Head Office West Sussex)                                            +44 (0)1428  661263  (Surrey Office) Ry often increases fertility in those who have had difficulty conceiving in the past. However, pregnancy must be avoided for 18-24 months post operatively, until your weight has stabilized. Top how do medical problems/conditions affect the risk of surgery? Medical conditions, such as serious heart or lung problems, can increase the risk of any major surgery. If they are problems that are related to the patient’s weight they also increase the need for surgery. In other words, severe medical problems will usually not dissuade the surgeon from recommending the gastric bypass surgery if it is otherwise appropriate. However, he will estimate your risk as higher than average upon initial consultation. viagra samples Top what is the mortality rate? The national mortality rate is low -- 0. 5%, or 1 out of very 200 patients. viagra pills Top how big will my stomach pouch be after the surgery? The stomach pouch is designed to hold approximately one ounce. cheap viagra pills In the first few months it is rather stiff due to natural surgical inflammation. From about 12-18 months after surgery, the stomach pouch expands a bit as the inflammation subsides. Most patients end up with a meal capacity of about 4-6 fluid ounces. Top how much excess skin will i have after surgery, and what can i do to prevent it? The amount of excess skin depends on the total weight loss, age, and how much the skin was stretched. Unfortunately it cannot usually be prevented -- the majority of people who have gotten heavy enough to merit gastric bypass surgery have stretched their skin beyond a point from which it can “snap back. viagra generic ” top is plastic surgery necessary to remove the excess skin? It’s hard to say because every person is different. Factors like age and skin elasticity will play a big part in determining if surgery will be needed. Usually this is considered cosmetic surgery which often is not covered by insurance, though some non-cosmetic cases will be covered. cheapest prices on viagra If you desire this service, we have experienced plastic surgeons who are available for consultation. Top will i be overly hungry after gastric bypass, since i’m not eating much? Most patients say no. For the first 6 months many patients have almost no appetite. Over the next several months the appetite returns but it tends not to be a ravenous type of hunger. where can i buy viagra cheap Top what if i am still very hungry? Usually this is caused by the types of food you are consuming, especially starches (rice, pasta, potatoes). drug interactions percocet viagra Increasing protein intake is helpful for many patients. generic viagra online There may also be a psychological problem with the lack of food in your life (“head hunger”). is viagra a prescription drug in thailand Top will i have to change my medications? Will i be able to stop certain medications? Many medications (for blood pressure, diabetes, etc. ) may be stopped at some point after gastric bypass. For medications that need to be continued, most can be swallowed, absorbed and work the same as before gastric bypass. Usually no change in dose is requ.   
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